How to start a Food Truck Business in 2023

The food truck industry is experiencing a renaissance, capturing the hearts and appetites of customers looking for delicious and convenient meals on the move. If you’re passionate about food and dream of running your own mobile eatery, a food truck business could be the perfect venture for you. According to IBISWorld, there were 36,324 food […]

Why You Need a Website Maintenance Plan for Your WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress website is just the first step in establishing a powerful online presence. To keep it running smoothly, securely, and efficiently, ongoing maintenance is essential. While some website owners may believe they can handle maintenance on their own, the truth is that it requires time, expertise, and diligence. In this blog post, we […]

Top 5 Must Have Features for your Hair Salon Website

Designing an elegant yet functional salon booking website can be daunting, as dealing with live bookings and overlaps could potentially be a major headache. Get R2 will teach you about the must have functions of a hair salon booking website. As always, you could hire us to build your website for you so you can worry about running your salon business!

How to Advertise CBD

We know your pain, firsthand. Advertising CBD & other Cannabis related products can seem impossible at times where traditional avenues don’t allow ads without savvy & time consuming tactics. GET R2 can help your brand advertise CBD online for free and paid with surefire ways to grow your impressions.