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The Results

3X More orders

More users utilize the website for it’s order functionality rather than sending emails back and forth.

+40% in AOV

Average order value increased by 40% from $180 to $250. The full custom form fetches more orders, accounting for the rise.

-57% Bounce Rate

With a more intuitive UI, we lowered the 54% bounce rate by 57%, or 31 points, bringing it down to 23%. Users stay engaged for longer.

The Problem

*Disclaimer: R2 MX Graphics is owned by GET R2* In custom product businesses, offering your services in a productized way is difficult. The dilemma is that you want everybody to know about your product or service, but there are just so many variables that it could take you a considerate amount of time just to list all of your options to a single customer. Another problem is the growing consumer desire to see their final customized product on their screen before ordering. R2 MX Graphics offers printed vinyl graphics for Dirt bikes/Motocross, as well as ATV, Jetski, UTV, Helmet Wraps and more as fully customizable products. Each product class has different pricing due to materials used and design time. Products can be upgraded with certain effects like chromes, fluorescents, laminates, etc.

As you can see, there’s a lot of variables for this particular industry. We had to take into consideration UI & UX since the options were plentiful, and could easily overwhelm potential customers, resulting in a lost sale. We won’t be getting into small details like customer points systems and shipment tracking, security, etc. But we will cover the most notable and revenue enhancing features.

The Idea

Since the main focus was to upgrade, streamline and optimize the graphics ordering experience, we had to break down the heirarchy of each product option. This helps both the business run more effeciently, and motivates the customer to get started on the order process and push ahead until checkout. There are 2 main types of service categories for R2 MX Graphics, Semi Custom Designs & Full Custom Designs. We knew that both categories essentially have the same ordering options & requirements, but vastly different customer input. To not overwhelm the customer with all of the options at once, we heavily relied on conditional logic to only show the customer fields and options that made sense to their order.

In the MX Graphics industry, only about 10% of brands/businesses offer a live builder tool on their site. Most offer semi-custom designs with a simple order form & pricing. This is an effective, tried and true way of offering these types of products, but for R2 MX, we wanted to offer the best of both worlds. We looked around at other industries that offer heavy customization and took a few notes. Notably food ordering apps, Sticker/T-Shirt/Apparel printers and Construction/Custom Building websites. This gave us a good starting point as to what consumers are used to in various industries that they may have experience with. The 3 most important features we found were-

  • Live & Accurate Pricing
  • Option to buy/checkout rather than just request a quote (Email collection can look spammy and turn off buyers)
  • Each variable was customizable

Along with these prerequisites, R2 MX also needed a powerful way to streamline the proof and approval process to make the website more user centric. Back and forth through email is usually fine, but can be unrealiable. This added an extra layer of optimization and a foolproof way to ensure that customers were receiving their order proofs.

The Execution

It was clear that it would be in our best interest to satisfy both product categories with customer interaction. This included an optional live designer/product builder and conditional order form for the semi custom side, and a multi-step form with conditional logic and images to show options for full custom orders. Conditional logic was used to hide fields unless a customer specified that it was needed, ie. 3 color design would open 3 color option selections. This had to be done with different variables for each product class offered, as mentioned, Jet Ski, ATV, etc.

Some sections of both order forms also had to be hidden dependant on the coverage of the product that the customer is ordering. For example, if a customer orders only number plate backgrounds, they do not need to see a text field input for shroud or fender logos. You can see the if statements in this diagram, as they are shown by the bubbles that connect above another step, in a triangle pattern:

In the top right part of the flow chart, the “Special FX Logos” bubble is an “if” statement.

For the semi-custom graphics orders, we leveraged a well known WordPress Plugin and tweaked it with some custom code for look and feel. This plugin needed to have each semi-custom design split by color/design and then mapped on the canvas. Since not all customers are comfortable with designing their own product, we leveraged conditional logic again in the order form. The main idea was to ask “did you use the custom design tool?” pretty early on, so we could hide elements that wouldn’t make any sense to the customer. We did play around with the idea of leaving the design tool behind a launch button, but we wanted to gauge customer use first. This is still a viable option if you don’t want to scare off potential customers that don’t realize they can proceed without live customization, but every industry is different.

The live designer loads at the top, but the form is next to the base semi custom kit, but still in the viewport. This signals to the customer that a form they’re used to is still there.

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